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  In Memory Of


Richard "The Rev" Faust


You gave us a lifetime of memories.

You made us laugh every day.

You made baseball fun.

You made life special.

You were our friend.

Thank you Rev.


With love, respect and appreciation, Friends of "The Rev"  

September 26, 2019

Richard Faust was a participant in many events around the Baltimore Orioles Fantasy Baseball Camp from 1995 until his unfortunate passing in 2019.  He was a very good baseball player, a very good teammate and a very funny person to be around.  Most importantly, he was our friend.  


Nicknamed "The Rev," he preached to us daily about everything imaginable, from how to hit a baseball to how look good in a uniform to how to have fun in everything you do to how to enjoy life to the fullest .  He was passionate about life.  He loved his family and his friends.  And he loved good times.


He helped organize the annual Baltimore Orioles Cooperstown Tournament and won the 2014 Championship.


After his passing, the Baltimore Orioles Fantasy Camp and Dream Week fraternity wanted to do something to honor our baseball buddy at the home of baseball - Cooperstown.  Working with the Friends of Doubleday, we raised $11,525 (as of July 7, 2020) for improvements at Doubleday Field.  A bench will be placed at the field inscribed with a tribute to “The Rev.”  Each contributor also received a patch honoring “The Rev” that they can wear on their uniform when they play at Doubleday.  


Sincerest thanks to the Friends of Doubleday and the many friends who contributed to the memorial for Richard "The Rev" Faust.


Steve Murfin and Joe Pavlock

The Friends of Doubleday will continue to accept donations to the Rev Memorial.  Send donations to the address below.  Checks should be made out to the Friends of Doubleday. Please put "The Rev Memorial" in the notes section.  


Steve Murfin

PO Box 48

Queenstown, MD 21658


Questions? Call Steve at 301-873-0236 or send an email to


Remembering The Rev


Remembering The Rev is a memory book produced by one of The Rev's best friends, Steve Wells. Click here (or on Remembering The Rev above) and enjoy the photos and the memories written by his friends.  Thank you Steve for bringing more laughs and tears as we remember our dear friend The Rev.


The following people donated to the Friends of Doubleday in honor of our friend Richard "The Rev" Faust:


David H and Kathleen Abremski (Parrish, FL)

Steve and Kristen Allen (Severna Park, MD)


Doug Arkin (Rockville, MD)

Glenn and Kathryn Babcock (Venice, FL)

John Beakes (Westminster, MD)

Jeffrey Biedronski (Bel Air, MD)

John Blank (Cleveland, OH)

Ron Boblooch (Towson, MD)

David and Dianna Boucher (Baltimore, MD)

David Berson and Anne Bradley (Dublin, OH)

Glenn Brown (Phoenix, AZ)

Larry and Tracy Brown (Charlotte, NC)

Steffan and Stephanie Burns (Sandy Hook, CT)

John Byrd (Crisfield, MD)

Susan and Tom Cardaro (Highland, MD)

Churchville Lightning Girls Softball (Bel Air, MD)

Richard Claypoole (Taneytown, MD)

Justin Cole (Alexandria, VA)

Eric and Traci Dahlinger (Hawthorn Woods, IL)

Charlie Deale (Annapolis, MD)

Michael and Linda Eisenfeld (Winchester, VA)

Mike Ellis (N. Potomac, MD)

David and Robin Fantin (The Woodlands, TX)

Ken and Carole Fey (Irving, TX)

Mark Flaharty (York, PA)

Charlie and Mona Garrett (Bel Air, MD)

Russ and Sherry Gebhard (Alexandria, VA)

Steve and Rebecca Gershman (Ellicott City, MD)

Michael Ginsberg and Cara Schmid (Fairfax, VA)

Tony Giordano (Taneytown, MD)

Richard Gittings (Pasadena, CA)

Jack Gordon, MD (Towson, MD)

Brian Green (Catonsville, MD)

Harry and Mae Lee Hafer (Herndon, VA)

William and Chrisann Hatfield (Mechanicsville, VA)

Tom Hayden (La Plata, MD)

Wayne and Lynda Horsman (Columbia, MD)

Todd Hyson (Red Lion, PA)

IHD Enterprises (Silver Spring, MD)

JSB Baseball (Westminster, MD)

Dr. Louis D. and Linda Kaplan (Washington, D.C.)

Rick Kramer (Washington, D.C.)

Patrick and Rebecca Lehnerd (Bowie, MD)

David and Linda Little (Brookeville, MD)

Seth Marcus (Eastchester, NY)

David Main and Karen Van Es (Great Falls, VA)

Maryland Small Arms Range - Carl Roy (Upper Marlboro, MD)

"Mac" McGlaughlin (Baltimore, MD)

Gary and Debbie McGrane (Plainfield, NJ)

Brian and Laura McHale (Somerville, NJ)

Danny and Sandy Milligan (Chestertown, MD)

Steve and Evalyn Milman (Darien, CT)

Pete Monaldi (Baltimore, MD)

Tiffany Moore (Midlothian, VA)

Steve Murfin (Queenstown, MD)

David Murray and Leanne Hood (Beltsville, ND)

Don Myers, DBK Lawncare, LLC (Edgewood, MD)

Herb and Karen Otto (Bel Air, MD)

Joe Pavlock (Melbourne, FL)

Frank Petrucci (Bel Air, MD)

Ed Piper (Towson, MD)

Christopher Price (Annapolis, MD)

Scott Rarigh (Morrisville, PA)

Sal Riccobene (Pasadena, MD)

David Rosenblum (Silver Spring, MD)

Julie Samuels (East Berlin, PA)

Todd Schoenian (Gaithersburg, MD)

Paul Seidman (Bethesda, MD)

John Seto (Catonsville, MD)

Bob and Debbie Shipley (Columbia, MD)

Bill Sims (Takoma Park, MD) 

Alice Slisher (Leesport, PA)

Amy Smith (Ellicott City, MD)

Michael Snyder (Reisterstown, MD)

Bill and Alex Stetka (Columbia, MD)

Melvin and JoAnne Sykes (Sarasota, FL)

Team O (zero) (The Rev's Team in Ponce de Leon in Herndon, VA)

  John Boyle

  Bill Brandt

  Ira Dorfman (Silver Spring, MD)

  Tom Dungan

  Matt Farmer

  Tom Grubbs (Norfolk, VA)

  Bill Hatfield

  Mike Pickett

  Joe Schuette

  Tom Scott

  Norm Silber

  Don Upright

  Jim Weaver

  Eric Weber

  Ryan Whitaker

James Tenney (Hanover, PA)

Chuck and Deborah Thim (Shrewsbury, PA)

Richard Thompson (New Hope, PA)

David Vidi (Mt. Airy, MD)

Brenda and Carl Vizzi (York, PA)

Scott Ward (Crisfield, MD)

Jim and Robin Warner (Lynchburg, VA)

Steve and Carly Wells (Silver Spring, MD)

Gordon Williams (Orange Beach, AL)

Danny and Susan Wineholt (Westminster, MD)

Ronald and Linda Wines (Jarrettsville, MD)

Jeff and Ann Wolff

Lane and Charlotte Wood (Severna Park, MD)

Robert Wunderlick (Sherwood Forest, MD)

Greg and Denise Zawitoski (Eldersburg, MD)

Brenda Zell (Frederick, MD)

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